Disney Bails On Netflix, So The Internet Blows Them Up W/ CGI Animation- Dank Memes Gang Blog

Have you ever thought about who really owns the world? If I had money on it, my guess would be Disney. Disney has a stake in just about every kind of entertainment, travel, and kid related product you could think of. In honor of all their power, they have decided to gouge the poor little people of the world a little more.

Now, in addition to paying hundreds of dollars to visit their parks, $30 for a shitty plush doll, and who knows how much on Disney snacks, you will also have to pay anywhere from $10-$15 a month so your darling little offspring can watch Frozen seven thousand times and piss off everyone in a five-mile radius. That's right, Disney is pulling out of their deal with Netflix in order to monetize on the rights to stream their movies and shows.

You may say “Let It Go”... The internet says: Let's blow up disney characters w/ CGI animation! Check out the top Disney Explosions Below




And, if your heart wasn't already broken, here's a video of little girl's reactions to their favorite Disney Princesses being blown to pieces. >:]

Fuck yeah, internet. It's a whole new wor--- 


-Captain Carl

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